Workshops for Children and Teens

  • YogaMoves for Teens
    These are classes that work with movement, breath and relaxation to help teens feel more comfortable with the physical changes that accompany adolescence.  Classes also address imagery and affirmations that foster positive self-esteem and empowerment.  These classes help teens to feel healthier, more confident and strong.

  • YogaMoves for Kids
    Classes provide a fun-filled way to enjoy yoga including games, stories and crafts.  YogaMoves for Kids allows children to express their joy in playful activities that give them a foundation for using yoga throughout their lives, both at home and in school.  YogaMoves Education offers classes for birthday parties, Girl Scout and Brownie troops

  • YogaMoves for Athletes
    These classes help athletes to incorporate yoga stretches, breathing, imagery and relaxation into cross-training for sports.  Yoga can enhance an athlete’s flexibility, agility, focus and longevity in sports with regular attention to the body’s movements.  YogaMoves Education offers workshops for sports teams and coaches.  We have done the race warm-ups at the Freihofer’s Run for Kids for several years.

  • YogaMoves for Schools
    Yoga can be a great tool to help students to focus more in school and to relax during tests and class presentations.  Learn yoga postures that can be done at your desk, along with breathing, visualizations and affirmations that help you to always do your best in school.  YogaMoves Education can be part of your PTA activities, helping your students at the same time!

  • YogaMoves for Families
    YogaMoves Education offers yoga workshops for parents and their children/teens of any age.  Children, as well as teens, share lots of laughter with their parents in fun-filled partner poses, along with relaxation exercises.

  • YogaMoves for EveryBody! 
    Yoga can be a tool to enhance everyone’s health and wellness.  We do yoga in schools, hospitals, recreation centers and the great outdoors.  We even offer yoga in Spanish!  Contact us with your ideas and let’s make it happen! 


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