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Lynne Ogren
Albany, New York
Yoga for children, teens and adults

The goal of YogaMoves Education is to...

Inspire children and teens...
to accept themselves as unique children of the universe, possessing limitless potential, while learning and having fun with yoga and movement.

Inspire teachers...
to use yoga to further expand their effectiveness as educators, accessing their individual creativity and joy in teaching.

Promote peace, harmony and understanding...
in our corner of the universe.

YogaMoves Education was created by Lynne Ogren, a Certified Yoga Ed Trainer, YogaKids Teacher, Integral Yoga Teacher and veteran educator of more than 25 years in the teaching profession.

Based in Albany, New York, YogaMoves Education offers yoga classes for children and teens as well as adults at a variety of settings in the Capital Region of New York State.

Lynne’s workshops for classroom teachers, healthcare providers and parents offer adults additional tools for helping children to access their fullest potential.


Children who practice yoga…

  • Cope with stress more effectively. They learn to calm themselves.
  • Increase focus, concentration and attention span.
  • Discover a sense of awareness and respect for themselves, others and the world around them.
  • Cultivate self-esteem, setting patterns of success and achievement.
  • Foster creative expression and imagination.
  • Develop body awareness, encouraging overall health and wellness.
  • Use cross-lateral body movements which aid in memory and retention of learning.
  • Open their hearts to joy.